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Heavens Gait Farm Philosophy

Heavens Gait Farm was created in 2005 in the eastern portion of the states.  The principle idea being that regardless of the breed of gaited horse, as long as the ride was smooth to the rider, cover all variations of terrain, endurance to travel around 25 miles in 6 to 7 hours several times per week and even, lovable temperament....that was a horse that was welcomed at Heavens Gait Farm. We have had the pleasure to own/ride Paso Finos, Rocky Mountains, Spotted Saddle, TWH and of course the Missouri Foxtrotter.

After much time participating in different venues...trail, performance, versatility, search and rescue, parade...I found the foxtrotting horse can do so many things in style, grace and beauty that  I have now culled down the herd to jus the foxtrotting horse.  When people ask, "what is a foxtrotting horse?..", my favorite response is that "they are as versatile as a Quarter Horse, beautiful as an Arabian and as smooth, if not smoother that a TWH.

Having ridden throughout the states...we have settled down in a small hollow next to the Big South Fork in Fentress County, TN.  There we can go outside the gates of Heavens Gait and ride for over 300 miles of trails and experience some of the most beautiful elements God has created... hemlock, mountain laurels, waterfalls, rock arches and bluffs.  The most important principle behind Heavens Gait Farm is the state of mind...whether it be humans, equines, canines, felines...one must possess a peaceful state of mind and kind spirit to remain there. We have found this place a perfect place to raise and ride the foxtrotting horse.

We are not 'breeders' in the traditional sense but fanciers of the foxtrotting horse.  We strive to have foxtrotters that are correct for the show ring, but versatile enough to take home to trail ride forever.


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